Fengyuan Original (Interior Restaurant) by Lili Xie
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The restaurant serves special made chicken coconut water hot pot.Unlike the popular super spicy food in China now days, coconut chicken is mild and refreshing, the soup tastes like a sweet spring.So we've got the concept of spring in the coconut tree forest.Thanks the internet, We were able to do the research of the space identity about the "coconut chicken" restaurant category in all the China major cities.We must come up with something that's remarkable and good for a chain restaurant to expand.
We aim to create a unique space for the brand. We abstracted the impression of coconut tree to a symbol-palm leaf and built them in 8 different kind, 4 meters long, green-plated steel. After we reassemble and planted them intentionally, the whole space turned into a fantasy forest. We also designed water feature, "droplet" lamp, "spring" table to enhance the experience.The challenge is by using pre-make-installed single material and modularized element to determine a unique space and atmosphere.
Design Challenges
It's not really hard for us to abstract the coconut tree into a symbol that resonates with people.But it's really a challenge to build a metal leaf which can stand on its own without extra support, also has the texture we wanted and above all in a reasonable cost. We did dozen times of experiments: aluminum, iron, 403 steel, 201 steel, 2mm to 8mm thick...Thank god, finally we found that 3mm thick, 130 degrees folded 201 steel can perfectly balance the visual effect and building cost. All the hard work is worth it. The metal leaves are Removable, can maintain always new, and be 100% recycled. It's an application of modular design.It creates a unique space identity for the brand, and this process fits all kinds of layout plan.
Production Technology
We abstracted the impression of people to coconut tree into a symbol-palm leaf and beautifully built them with 8 different kind,4-meters-long, green-plated steel.After we reassemble and planted them logically, intentionally into the space, these partition wall of palm leaves turned the space into an impressive fantasy forest.It's a challenge to make the 4-meter-long leaves to stand on their own without extra support. After dozen times of experiments and material selection, finally, we found that 3mm thick, central axis folded 130 degrees, 201 steel with high toughness can "stand up on their feet", also can balance the visual effect and manufacture cost. The beautiful shape, brooding green color we've chosen, changed the inherent image of metal to people.From time to time, the leaves sway slightly with the air conditioning wind in the space. This small dynamic makes the space feeling more vivid.
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