Dance Anatomy (Ring and Earrings) by Ksenia Zagaynova
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
The Dance Anatomy collection was inspired by contemporary dance. In this work I studied the fixed positions of dancers and the processes existing in their bodies. For example, some muscles are tense and some are relaxed, others are stretched. I have translated these processes into the simplified graphic language and came up with the forms and silhouettes that further became wearable objects (earrings, pendants, rings).
The Dance Anatomy collection represents a reinterpretation of the human body. The lines and shapes look bionic and could remind any other organic creatures. They are 3D-printed in nylon which makes them flexible and damage-resistant. 2 objects can be worn as earrings or pendants after simple replacement of the earwire with a lace or chain.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of the research lied in the detection of the right principle that would allow transferring a dancer position into graphic language. The author studied different aspects of dancing, namely the geometry of different dance positions, the cinesphere of a dancing person but these principles did not lead to a necessary esthetic result. In the end the research of the muscles behavior allowed to achieve the right result. Secondly, it was hard to create the 3D models of the objects as they consist of many lines that could not intersect.
Production Technology
3D-modelling, 3D printing in nylon (polyamide). Silver earwire, textile lace. The design was visualized in Rhinoceros, using Tsplines plugin.
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