Hill Wind (Hotel and Resort) by Huafang Wang
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
According to the regional characteristics, the designer combines the local culture and historical context in the process of conception. Under the dominant atmosphere of modernism, the designer uses the language of design to create dialogue with space, and then interprets the visual, tactile and spiritual resonance, reproducing the Anji area humanistic landscape pattern of "The cicada noise highlights the silence of the forest, and birdsong sets off the depth of the mountain".
This case is a resort hotel design project, the outline of the external form adopts the thinking mode of modern architecture. The designer extracts the image of geometric clouds from the origami concept and extends the irregular shapes. With the same type of white film as the internationally renowned Burj Al Arab, the two elements are integrated through structural changes, which bring out the best in each other.
Design Challenges
The natural raw materials are warm and soft, without any decoration, and they harmoniously dissolve into the infinite greenness. It not only weakens the huge scale of the architectural framework and adds exquisite texture to the rigid concrete, but also echoes the surrounding natural landscape, making the building and nature more closely through this way. In the designer's opinion, a good life or a good design work must be related to nature, which is also the core of the design of this case.
Production Technology
The fluctuate continuously ceiling is formed and stitched by craftsmen. In the selection of materials, the bamboo and wood abundant in Anji provide us with advantaged construction materials.
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