Winetime Seafood (Packaging) by Olga Takhtarova
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Winetime Seafood is a new series of fish and other seafood products that combines more than 10 products: wild dorado, salmon, European bass, Nile perch, scallops, octopus, tiger shrimps, etc. The technology of shock (quick) freezing allows the products to preserve the structure, nutritional value, and maximum taste.
The new design emphasizes all the advantages of the brand: the colors reflect the gastronomic nature of the product; unique style and well-arranged design emphasize the solid attentive attitude of the manufacturer to the product, which escalates loyalty to delicacies taste; the packaging looks bright, perceptible and does not require extra effort from the buyer while making a choice. All this makes the product more attractive to consumers and helps to make a purchasing decision quicker.
Design Challenges
The packaging had to convey the quality and reliability of the brand, inspire to buy. First of all, effective elements had to be discovered so that they tell about the taste and quality of the product, emphasize the attentive manufacturer’s attitude. And also the packaging had to be harmonious, understandable and not overloaded with the information. The second challenge was to create an emotional image that would appeal to the target audience and distinguish packaging from competitors.
Production Technology
The designer decided that the Winetime Seafood packaging should demonstrate the reliability of the brand and convey the freshness of the products. For this, a single unique concept was developed, and the visual information strategy was used. The entire series packaging is developed in a single unique style. This approach compiles the assortment under one brand and distinguishes the series Winetime Seafood from products of other manufacturers presented in retail chains.
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