Mirror Bridge (Studio) by Jinrui LIU
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The original flat had a linear layout with one dark little patio. Poor lighting and cramped space made it difficult to work as a design studio. Mirror bridge brings both lightness and vitality into the once dark and narrow flat, invoking a feeling of dream and fantasy. The twisted metal surface allows the light to be reflected multiple times indoors, increasing the illumination as well as creating a magic time-tunnel experience. The renovation made significant improvements in lighting, ventilation, and sight.
The twisted mirror polished stainless steel vortex connects the north and south, solving the lighting, ventilation and scale problems in one single step. The vortex gradually shrinks in the lounge area and form the fishtail bar in the end, which not only realizes the function but also avoids direct sight from the entrance to the workplace.
Design Challenges
We use the tension of its shape to reduce the difficluty of fuction bu a serials of parametrization.
Production Technology
The twisted mirror bridege is made by polished stainless steel. A series of structure studies optimized the construction logic of the stainless steel itself. The form of the ground-supported portion and the tension of its shape partially reduced the difficulty of construction.
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