Bionyalux (Skin Care Package) by Xiaowei Zhang
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Sugarcane is the largest raw material of sugar in China. About 50% of the bagasse fiber can be re-used after squeezing sugar. However, those bagasse was burned directly, which caused wasting of resources and environmental pollution. Therefore,BIOHYALUX decided to make some changes to recycle the bagasse into the product new packaging.
The selling point is 30 Days Skin improvement care course, 60 Days food security level shelf-life remaining. Therefore, they chose 30 and 60 as the visual sign and integrate 1, 2, 3, these three skin care steps into visual identification. The bagasse was made into a round outer packing by using special technology to refine the fiber. Besides, inner packaging was designed to easy to carry and placed.
Design Challenges
In the process of packaging design and production, they have been innovated in many ways to overcome the problems of extracting impurities from bagasse and punching silk screen on the curved wall of the outer packaging, which finally succeeded.
Production Technology
The application of bagasse in packaging is a big challenge, especially in cosmetics packaging. They have made continuous attempts and innovations from the design to the packaging to overcome the problems of extracting impurities from bagasse and pressing wire mesh on the curved wall of the outer packaging, and finally achieved success.
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