Guiyang Zhongshuge (Bookstore) by Xiang Li
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The inspiration of Guiyang Zhongshuge comes from natural landscape of Guizhou, geographical features and original cultural, for example, the prototype of cultural and creative area is karst landform peculiar to Guizhou.
The purpose of Zhongshuge is to build the most beautiful bookstore in China. According to this aim, Guiyang Zhongshuge not only pursues aesthetics in its design, but also combines local cultural characteristics and local conditions, and creates entity bookstores with rich differentiation. The most distinctive karst landform of Guiyang was moved into the interior, which bringing readers a cave-like experience.
Design Challenges
To create karst landform in this shopping mall, first of all, designers need to consider whether the height of the floor matches the actual environment. And when creating the cave environment, designers need to consider how to restore the real scene more vividly under the premise of ensuring the safety of readers.
Production Technology
In terms of the cultural and creative corridor, where rows of stalactites down the ground against the black glass of the ground seem like infinitely extended waiting for readers to explore. On the book stand of ship type, chandeliers are shelved going along the water flow on the ground, which introduce readers through the treasures of knowledge. The cultural and creative area takes the conception of karst landform. The mountain-shaped bookshelves are intertwined and wind along the path.
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