Bo Du Resort Hotel Design (Commercial) by Ao Zhang
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Bodu in Chinese means providing a place for rest. And that is exactly what the Bodu hotel brand aims to provide, a place to meditate close to nature. The historic Tengchong is inseparable from the ancient silk road. Many of Tengchong‘s charms come from its rich culture, which inspired many poets and calligraphers.
Intense urbanization in China creates harsh environment for human inhabitation. At the edge of Yunnan province, the scenic Tengchong provides a poetic alternative. The soul of the project is not about our design, but reside in the experience offered by the local cultural and natural heritage. We wanted to bring people closer to Tengchong, and in essence, closer to themselves.
Design Challenges
We try not to intervene with the natural environment, but rather compliment it with our design. The various buildings on site mimics the rising hills of Tengchong. Being connected by continuous wooden canopy, these buildings in succession reminds the occupant of the outposts on the ancient silk road.
Production Technology
The entry to the hotel falls under the wooden canopy. We created an overhanging platform that extends over the cliff on which the hotel is built. There are multiple public spaces like this throughout the hotel that offer breathtaking views out to the flatland and mountain ranges. Each space is carefully crafted to inspire emotions and a sense of awe. We also utilized the reflective property of water to compress the distant scenery, connecting nature with living spaces.
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