Trivago (Commercial Animation) by Paulina Grondal
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Movie and Animation Design Award Winner
The project was inspired by 3d animated movies for kids. All 3d models have characteristic childlike, playful style which brings them closer to toys than real objects. The colour palette was inspired by actual pictures from Spanish coast during sunset. Models together with cheerful, vivid colour palette create the atmosphere of warmth and carefree summer time.
This project is 30 seconds spot as a part of new, animated campaign for trivago, for the opening of summer season in Spain. The idea was simple, to zoom from space to Spain and along the way show how many hotels were available to Trivago users. Different styles of architecture compliment each region of Spain.The spot then changed at street level - on a colourful street in Tenerife with peach and pink buildings. It was important for us that the final piece appeals unique to the audience.
Design Challenges
The biggest creative challenge was to make a piece that shows high quality design, motions and engaging story but at the same time explains the product in a clear way and is aligned with the marketing goals of the company.
Production Technology
The entire production was digital. Starting with 3d softwares, adobe software to colour grading software.
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