Sfumato (Shelving System) by Nedim Mutevelic
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Scaled and stylized, visually-compelling reflection of metropolis for contemporary indoor spaces. Stable and hard on bottom, blurred and soft on top, continuous and endless horizontally... The dynamic structure with various heights, depths and transparencies creates apartments with different atmospheres, required by Sfumato residents - various everyday objects.
The dynamic outline of this shelf system evokes the skyline of an urban landscape – spacious and massive at the bottom, broken and fragmented at the top, with a continuous horizontal base. Different configurations and dimensions are realized through the simple combining of the modules. Sfumato is a modular, stand-alone or wall shelf system for your small items. Those you want to exhibit or hide, either with a play of shadows or closed doors.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of design was to find a visual language for modular system that would make the seamless whole, in any case of composition of three or more elements.
Production Technology
Body, shelves, partitions and front panels MDF, matt lacquered.
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