Vanke Master (Sales Center) by Zhou Ping
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Thanks to the profound culture and beautiful environment, a lot of literati, artists, and masters have appeared in Suzhou from generation to generation. There are reflections in the water and colorful flowers, lanes and alleys existing everywhere but which are full of poetic romance. Besides, there are also melodies from traditional stringed and woodwind instruments as well as delicious delicacies.
The design for the project is intended to salute to the great masters for their independent thinking, to show respect to talents and admirations for their spirits, aiming to create an ideal residential environment for the modern learned people.
Design Challenges
The design is elegant but modest, displaying the natural and unvarnished nature of the space. The unadorned and true texture changes, the calm and light colors create comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the space. Through comparisons on materials and textures, as well as languages of the vessels, the design has implied four realms of life which are full of Zen spirits, including less talking, more travelling, being simpler so as to achieve perfection.
Production Technology
The design has a gable roof. The natural combination of transverse and longitudinal lines on the ceiling form a simple space full of rhythm. The plain but elegant background and decorations give the space a disposition of tranquility and peacefulness. The refined colors, natural materials, rough textures and furnishings with imprints of age show the static lapse of time let people in the space feel the serene elegance and comfortable peace. The glass wall allowing penetrating view of the porch outside facilitates to break the boundaries between spaces, so that the artistic air of the nature flows freely.
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