Fly Boot (Key Visual) by Mateus Morgan de Aguiar
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design Award Winner
The inspiration was the common materials of the day to day. The floating spheres are made of these same elements, bringing through the round shapes the sensation of something soft and light. Even though it was a simple representation, the result was thought of something that escaped the trivial. The idea was based on the abstract arts of artist Oleg Morozov, bringing simplicity as main aspect.
The idea was to create, through a simple image and everyday elements, the attraction for the product. Thus giving the sensation of lightness that the product needed. The balls frame the product, as well as the square background, keeping the visual concentration at the point of interest. Everything made in 3D.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge was that through a few elements and textures the sensation the product needed. Never forgetting to focus on the product itself as a primary element. Another complicated point was the modeling of the boot itself, where I had to reproduce every detail of the product.
Production Technology
The boot was modeled using photographs as a reference and hard surface 3D modeling techniques. For modeling we used the software 3ds Max and Zbrush. All the textures made using leather texture and some photoshop brushes. Vray was used for rendering. Nothing on the scene was scanned or photoscaned.
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