Navigator (Sales Center) by Kris Lin
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The original building is Tianjin Shipyard with history of one hundred years. It is the milestone in Chinese shipbuilding history and made great contribution to the navigation industry as industry leader of that time. For deep memory of history and respects to the original shipyard, we consider designing this project with the concept of navigator which means a large ship is sailing on the sea.
Navigator is a large ship sailing on the sea which is closely related to water. With the exterior waterscape, the artistic building looks like a large ship sailing on the sea from afar. LED light strips on the ship refract by the water and form perfect mirror image which adds dreamlike beauty to the space. Combination of architecture and landscape forms the waterscape of modern large ship of future science and technology.
Design Challenges
In the original architecture, mock-up and sales office are in two separate buildings. The designer connects the two separate buildings together through a corridor and make them a complete one through architectural and landscape design. It is hard to achieve a complete effect if the architecture, landscape and interior design is done separately. So, we combine them together to get a whole design concept.
Production Technology
In the building we used a matt exterior fluorocarbon paint and opaque wired glass. With bronze brushed stainless steel, the concept of the hull is revealed. Indoors, we use the design of the marine gray marble and the top lighting effect to show the good wishes of the indoor clear sky.
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