Center Manor (Sales Office) by Jia Hongfeng
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The designer has drawn inspirations from the Minjiang River, the Drum Mountain, the old town, the temple, the tea culture as well as the movable-type printing, and introduced the beautiful landscape into the house, allowing visitors to experience diversified culture and cozy lifestyle.
As an ancient house with a long history of 400 years, it looks quiet and gentle. Antique windows, doors, beams and columns are full of beauty and strength, showing the ancient context in silence.
Design Challenges
How to well express the respect to the traditional context in this rare house is the problem the designer needed to think about. To preserve the old structure and reproduce the elegance of traditional Chinese residence, he has decorated the space with traditional Chinese elements, which will allow the visitors to experience the traditional oriental lifestyle.
Production Technology
The entrance of the house looks tranquil and magnificent with a bronze double door. In the middle is a path paved with slates, which imitates the traditional Fuzhou lanes. Huge glass walls along the path allow people to enjoy the graceful bamboos from the lobby and have a view of the interior wooden structure from the courtyard.
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