Bubble Arts (Educational Project) by Ming Leung
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Bubble Arts. All humans are entitled to be linked with art. When bubbles meet the ceiling, why do the bubbles burst, instead of the ceiling bursts? In children's world, one feels the urge to protect the beauty of their senses and imagination! Instinctual character is far more important than a contrived personality. By N.J. Harperrickon. Moms and dads will vividly recall the moment when their child first pipes up with an insight that leaves them breathless. Exactly that occurred while Pone Architecture design director Ming Leung was playing with her 4-year-old daughter at home in Guangzhou, China. “When bubbles meet the ceiling, why do they burst?” the girl asked as she watched soap bubbles float upward. “Why doesn’t the ceiling burst?” In that eureka moment, bubbles became the central concept that Leung and design director Golden Ho would subsequently explore for an arts academy in Wuhan. As Leung elaborates with a smile, “Children think differently than we do. My daughter was speaking instinctively. To me, her comment meant that she was eager to protect the beauty that she sees both with her eyes and in her heart.”
All humans are entitled to be linked with art,There are no boundaries. In terms of environmental design, we offer more venues and stages to encourage and activate the natural art potential inside children to grow. Children learn rules in freedom, and know how enjoyable learning is in a fun space.
Design Challenges
Hele International Art Center,Wuhan. Hele International Art Center,Wuhan, founded by China Poly Education, is an art institution for children aged 4 to 12. In the earlier stage of the project,the owner of the project proposed 3 key demands: 1,The Art Center should not feature childlike fun. Instead, it should establish an image of professional education institution. 2,The design of the interior space should be based on the feelings of children, which is different from the constrained and rigid style of traditional teaching environment. 3,The Art Center itself should be a space of art in the city.
Production Technology
Main material: Wall with latex paint,Floor with reinforced wood flooring,ceramic tile、Furniture,Lamp,Hardware,Ware, ,Home appliance. Immediately upon entering, The fluid open spaces that greet her are anchored by the sweeping curves of a staircase with illuminated steps that spiral upward, while an overarching canopy swoops down. In sight of the entry, room enclosures curve enticingly, leading the eye around corners. These enclosures are clad with vertical panels of blond wood-grain composite, the only color against an ethereal white backdrop. Sunlight shines through the large windows of perimeter classrooms, then filters through their glass fronts, into cor­ridors. Artificial illumination is LED, softly diffused by a stretched membrane system. Against the predominantly white backdrop, the overall effect is of a gentle aura that seems to radiate from the curving surfaces. “Circulation areas are lit at 200 lux, the average classroom is 300 lux, and the dance studio is 400 lux,” Plane is one of the naughty bubble circles, these circle parts form functional classrooms, and some form a public shared space, which can be used for exhibition and performance functions. We hope that teaching will not only stay in the classroom, but the public space can be used as an open class or a mini concert. Partial small circle space can also be used as a resting space for parents to wait.
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