Xfinity Xfi (Mobile Application) by Comcast UX NYC
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Winner
We created xFi for everyone who wants to take control over something they feel they never truly understood: WiFi. We designed it in a way that was friendly and inviting, creating playful avatars to present a human-centric point of view, rather than a technology-centric one. Our goal was to humanize something that was previously invisible, confusing, and laden with tech jargon.
xFi is a personalized WiFi experience. Taking control of their home WiFi with easy to use tools across the platform, users know what devices are online, optimize coverage, even pause WiFi access during dinner time or choose the time their kids should be online. It’s the ultimate control tool to deliver freedom to discover everything in your WiFi connected world where the most time is spent with experiences. 
Design Challenges
We had to approach this project from a unique UX perspective. xFi needed to be viable and useful for more than 25 million users. Our goal was to appeal to everyone with Comcast Internet service; and that was inherently challenging. We needed to help get people comfortable with WiFi, put a human face to it. And we had to empower customers to do things that seemed difficult or complex. It was most challenging to create an experience that helped a large subset of people get past a sort of ‘tech phobia.’
Production Technology
UX an UI fir xFi wa primarily designed in Sketch, then handed off to the development team. Available on mobile, web and set-top box, xFi was built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Notable libraries used include Polymer, Vue.js and Redux. Though mobile—iOS and Android—is the core experience, we had to be cognizant of our multiplatform touchpoints, which include a stand-alone responsive web experience, an app on our XFINITY X1 TV platform and a number of customer service components for our agents.”
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