Way of Knowledge (Book Design) by Yuta Takahashi
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Inspired by the designs of cloisters and leather bound bibles found in churches and the images of doors we imagine when we visualize the human thought process, we decided to combine these images in a modern way. Because our readers are researchers well versed in their fields, we also took inspiration from the writing implements and notebooks used by our readers on a regular basis.
We designed book for "The Way of Knowledge and the Holy Spirit", by Michael Debus. Making full use of philosophical thought, the author tries to take the myths that have been handed down from ancient times and make them understandable to modern people. We visually expressed the progress of the author's thoughts as he wrote this book. This opens a door on his multi-layered thoughts and indicates the intention of this book to bring out the essence of the myths which have been wrapped in a veil.
Design Challenges
By introducing shadow into our design, we added a new element to conventional graphic design, creating a challenge for ourselves. By creating a shadow effect using embossing alone, we were able to create a design that transcends two dimensions.
Production Technology
The cover design was created using only blind embossing. In order to make the title stand out, we performed blind embossing twice on the front cover, spine, and back cover, creating a shadow-like texture that stands out from the bumpy surface. We used this double embossing method because creating deep impressions in one go could rip the paper. We also used paper suitable for embossing for the cover.
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