Qingtie Cr Town (Sales Center) by KOT Ge
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The carpet spread here with abstract pattern derived from Zaha Hadid's 3D painting, consisting of deconstructive lines and structural changes of color blocks, gives the space another distinctive attraction of personality.
In the territory of design, boundary is an unavoidable element in the works, including not only visible physical boundaries, but also invisible psychological ones. A qualified design is needed to involve such boundaries, settle them by a way of building up, leaping over or breaking down
Design Challenges
Reception area, the first impression when step into interior space and a starting point to show the disposition of whole space, is principally a display area with streamline ceiling design and intense spatial structure, which delivers a maximum visual impact. On the basis of its own feature of the space, we use modern, streamlined artistic installations here, instead of redundant furnishings, to match the flowing effect, layer after layer, and eliminate the feeling of repression and alienation that may arise from the space of this kind. By such a way, we blur the boundary between space and people, and connect them together. Art works take such an important role in this project that are applied through the whole space, even confuse its definition with furniture. On the selection of artistic installations, each artwork is required to has a modern, streamlined appearance to meet the flowing feature of the space, as well as same rhythm and metrical sense in the form, before standing in its place on the basis of serious consideration and accurate measurement, with an attempt to guide visitors’ moving route and shift their attention.
Production Technology
Two of such artistic installations, limited edition from Gilles Caffier, made of pottery combined with other different materials, are completely carved and polished by hand, taking pattern concept from animal’s texture and retaining their palm lines. These installations have pioneering and striking shapes, but still harmoniously keep a balance with the nature in their lines, materials and colors
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