Insect Sculptures (Advertising) by Chris Slabber
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Winner
The concept development was done by a creative agency team from TBWA Africa. This was where the basic idea was born. After the initial briefing it was time too research a style. A lot of the inspiration came from the work of Felix Hernandez who is known for building miniature sets and photographing them too look life like. It was obvious that the insects would appear more life like if they were build as a solid object instead of stitching the elements together in Photoshop.
The concept was to create the insects out of the environments they thrive in and also the things that they feed on for the new Doom insecticide campaign. The art direction was to be applied to 6 bugs. The Ant, Cockroach, Flea, Fishmoth, Fly and Mosquito. The materials and elements were sourced at junk yards, garbage dumps, super markets and river beds. From there each insect was build by hand using the corresponding elements. The sculptures were photographed and retouched in Photoshop.
Design Challenges
When creating the sculptures, the main challenge was too keep the respected elements in proportion too each other. This was too make each insect look as real as possible. Because of all the elements for each sculpture, it was necessary to build a wire frame as a support structure. The challenge was too make the viewer feel grossed out by the sculptures as they would when seeing real insects.
Production Technology
Each insect was build as a solid sculpture out of the needed elements that corresponded with each insect. For example, building the cockroach I used an old croissant for the tail, rotten leaves and plant materials for wings, Chicken bones and old banana peels for legs and an old tea bag as a head. Afterwards in Photoshop, each sculpture was retouched too correct colors, ad shadows and some body shaping.
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