Zhongnan Mansion (Clubhouse) by Kris Lin
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
In the project design, the spatial order is one of the key points of design. Porch and vestibular is introduced by Settings on the surface of the bridge, the hall is a half empty hallway with arc outline, placed at the top of a advocate the lamp, the lamp design inspiration comes from the water, the main light like water droplets coalesce into waterfall, sprinkling down to the lobby entrance hall.
This project is a part of hangzhou zhongnan project, which is a residential community. The activity space in the clubhouse is very complicated, which includes coffee shops, gymnasiums, yoga classrooms, libraries, tea houses and children's learning areas. The whole building is divided into three layers, two floors to the ground and one on the ground. It also includes the underground courtyard and other different clubhouse space.
Design Challenges
Consideration must be given to waterproofness and water circulation system while building it, so the construction contractor must have relatively mature and good construction techniques.
Production Technology
The steel structure of the staircase is attached to the same steel structure screen, and the screen as the structural support. Therefore, the screen in addition to its own artwork, the support for the stair also plays a major role. We make a clever combination of the stairwell and the screen, and the curved screen is surrounded by a ten-meter-high waterfall of main lights.
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