Snow Breweries-Jiang Xin Ying Zao (Beer) by Tiger Pan
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Window lattice somehow represents Chinese pursuit of high quality of life. In terms of necessity, door is always indispensable for household but window is luxury to some extent. Window is normally built up for ventilation and lighting. So, by the framework engraved elaborately on the bottle, we interpret people’s cultural inheritance and quality quest in the era of consumption upgrade.
Main part of the glass bottle are traditional Chinese window frames carved in relief. We adopt an old technique named “Bubujin” to forge those frames, which imply the meanings of a promising career and a bright future. The 4 Chinese characters of 匠心营造 are embedded subtly into the frames in a vertical order. We therefore found out a standpoint to design it, ingenuity is no longer showed off and only the perfection of every single detail is kept, which is exactly the extreme expression of the product’s name.
Design Challenges
The technique needed in this case is not easy to realized as it is time-consuming and painstaking. But we have to admit it is the better technique to showcase the graphic design compared to other common ones. However, we need to compromise when it comes to mass production.
Production Technology
We adopt spot-color printing on the aluminum can and the glass bottle. The middle part of the glass bottle is a compass of ancient China, which was forged with the technique of hot stamping on glass. And another special processing is to make the surface of the glass concave and convex.
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