Firo (Fire Cooking Set) by Andrea Sosinski
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
In times of industrialisation and digitalisation people are longing for their roots and simplicity. There is the modern kitchen on the one hand, and the summer phenomen of barbeque on the other. Also electrical light next to candles, gas heating next to fire place or fire bowl. Fire is since 2 Mio years the center of life. But still there is no way to cook safely with real open fire. Either you have to get very close to the flames or you just use the burning ash to prepare your food. A change was needed.
The "Firo" cooking set opens a new era and sets a new standard for cooking outdoor. It combines the atmosphere of fire, good food and stimulates the communication between people. It can be used in each open fire. On the beach, in a fire bowl on the patio or in an open fireplace in the living room. The oven is portable, flexible in use and expandable up to 12 persons by using more "Gratino's" (eating bowls). While the oven is left half in the fire, you operate outside for your safety. The multifunctional set includes everything you need: oven, cooking and eating bowls, cutlery, blanket, gloves, covers.
Design Challenges
Actually it is too hot to cook in fire. The material needs a good relation between heat conductivity and isolation, has to resist hot temperature without loosing its shape, is food compliant and as lightweighted as possible. The food should stay in the bowls even in slanting position. That's why I hung the bowls revolvable in the middle of the oven on a rail. So they can stay even inside while carrying or storing. The rail allows to open and close the oven like a drawer and helps to pull out the bowls in a fire free area. The right calculation for oven length and bowl sizes was important to get a light weighted transportable set.
Production Technology
The oven is made out of technical ceramic and the "Gratino"-Bowls out of porcelain. The cutlery is out of metall and is slightly flexible to be clicked in the hot bowl after cooking for easy handling without burning hands. All textiles are made non flammable in the colours dark grey and orange. "Firo" is not in production yet. It is a working concept and prototype and I am searching for a company that produces and markets it on license.
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