Lock and Be Free (Urban Locker) by Wanna One
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The challenge of our studio was to shape the brand concept, Leave your luggage, live the city, and rejuvenate the image of the old and cliche lockers (with its poorly lit and narrow aisles full of gray lockers).
The atmosphere in the store radiates surprisingly good vibes: a modern urban interior, yellow and white colors, exhaling freshness. The universe of the brand and its interior design scheme combines highly topical colors and materials: white peg boards, yellow lockers flanked by a circular font, a typical airport rubber floor and a powerful set of lights transmitting a lot of positive energy. The matte and glossy materials achieve the desired bulky look to an extremely small space, only 30 m2.
Design Challenges
For the main entrance façade, it was not possible to make many esthetic changes due to the fact that it is protected by Madrid’s Council and modifications were not allowed. Only a flag and a sign with the “Lock & Be Free” brand was allowed by the authorities. The really main difficulty in the project was the space. As it was really small and the client needed a number of lockers to create a rentable business. We have had to deal with it to set up the optimal lockers number.
Production Technology
Metal with rubber are the two main materials in the store. All the materials combine two terminations; mate (floor) and shine (walls and lockers) this trick is able to provide a volume sensation to the shop, even than the real area has only 30 m2, thanks to this, it looks much bigger and you avoid the narrow sensation.
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