Double Cross (Game Packaging) by Pip Tompkin
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Tabletop games bring families and friends together, but are typically hidden away in unattractive boxes and forgotten. The packaging houses a unique dice game that is designed to be a curious and intriguing sculpture that should never be put away. The unique and iconic form of the game was necessary to translate to the packaging in order to create a strong POS and reflect the story of the product.
The packaging aims to reflect the iconic and displayable nature of the game it houses. The environmentally friendly packaging is produced using paper pulp and assembled using rubber bands, which allows the product to be accessed without damage to the packaging. The shape of the packaging also allows for stacking. Multiple units stack securely, tessellating to dramatically conserve shelf and shipping space by 29% over a traditional box. Smaller storage facilities and more units shipped in fewer containers, reduce the product's carbon footprint.
Design Challenges
The challenges we faced were to figure a way to hold the two pulp halves together but maintain our environmental values, and allow shoppers to view and remove the product without damage to the packaging. We wanted this to all be tool-less. After thoughtful investigation, we decided upon the solution to use rubber bands. This would allow the user to easily take the product out of the box to view and touch the product, enhancing purchasing confidence.
Production Technology
The packaging uses two white molded dry pulp halves to house and protect the product. The brand logo is molded into the top pulp, with a paper sleeve that wraps around one of the tessellating legs for product information, and to indicate the product color. Four white flat rubber bands lays flush in the grooves and hold the packaging together, allowing the product to be accessed in-store without damaging the packaging. 11 page zig-zag product instruction booklet sets inside the packaging.
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