Picglaze Sample Book (Catalogue of Materials) by Beatriz Suarez
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Designers achieved to create a volume illustration or photography, composed by different layers that create a landscape or new picture in the composed form. Inspired in futurism illustrated posters for the illustration and films for the face composed.
Picglaze prints photos, but finishes them with something out of the ordinary. They print on versatile and different materials, with the rigidity of the formats as a main element. The challenge was to make the most of these qualities. Since the materials are rigid they can be sustained and form a composition. As such a sculpture with different colors and thicknesses. The design, it is a vertical composition with different levels, different artwork and illustrations, which are placed in layers, cut out differently making themselves a new picture or photo.
Design Challenges
Eight different materials were used in this design: MDF 35 mm. PVC 3 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, 19 mm. Sandwich panel, Dibond 3 mm. PMMA, Plexiglas 3 mm. A framed PVC piece 35 mm. The main challenge when designing this was to prepare the pieces in a base made of the same materials and able to sustain the whole display. This way, the client can produce their own displays, without having to outsource them. One of the materials had a fixed size. It was a 126 mm x 126 mm square that we should not alter, it had to support and integrate the whole construction. That particular adaptation was one of the hardest problems to solve.
Production Technology
Printing image with high gloss finishing on different materials as pvc, MD, methacrylate, dibond...
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