Kirin Natural Mineral Water (Bottled Water Package) by SAGA INC
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Recently, bottled water is consumed every day but heavy to carry. Because of that, many people buy bulk through the internet. However, in order to appeal to consumers, bottled packages often carry strong ad opinions and after purchase, did not harmonize with living space. So we designed the bottles, with the concept of packaging design creating the harmony with interior and fashion.
This is a bottled water product sold only on an e-commerce site. Thirty bottles which have 6 different types of design are assorted in a box. We made the water itself the protagonist of the design. One side of the bottle has the small product title only, so that the patterns of the back are seen through the refraction of water. The patterns look differently according to the angle. Such effect increases the presence of natural water itself and the water looks more delicious through the bottle.
Design Challenges
We pursued how to make use of refraction of water. When I looked at the bottle from the front, I repeated the verification so that the design looks more beautiful through the water.
Production Technology
I used transparent ink for printing and stuck to the transparent impression of the bottle. And, without using the white plate, even if only transparent ink, we verified repeatedly so that the pattern of 6 patterns could be clearly seen.
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