Robot (Artwork) by Huayu Li
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
This art creation has been inspired from the thinking over a long time, as well as all the beautiful and fantastic things, a unique artwork combining more materials and skills.
It is hand-made, representing its uniqueness. It is a transparent world, completely sealed. It appears dreamlike, three-dimensional, and floating. By complex constructions and flowing light rays, the robot shows a future world full of precision and energy! To depict details so miniscule at less than one millimeter absolutely required skillful technique which challenges the patience and vision of the artist. However, it also shows different magical effects in different lights. In addition, it is suitable for the decoration of different indoor environments as a lighting instrument.
Design Challenges
On the one hand, the extremely careful drawing is the biggest challenge for your patience; on the other hand, the solution for combining various materials is also tricky. I find that I’ve opened an amazing door to a lot more creative ideas that need to be realized!
Production Technology
Hand-made. By integrating the techniques of sculpture and drawing, splicing resin with other materials, a sealed dream world is born.
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