Blue Paradise (Retail Vm) by TIST Brand Coordination Company
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Event and Happening Design Award Winner
In collaboration with an illustrator, Janine Rewell, a cool summer story was created that animals and girls play together in a mysterious island where is suggestive of deep sea. Characters at the photo zone did play in connection with experience of children.
Imaging a big retail space into the single picture starts from the imagination to connect each space with different but extending stories. The stories created by stereoscopic interpretation of spaces of the illustration as well as imaginary 3 dimensional characters that are alive aimed at directing the magical fairy tale world, not simply the shopping place.
Design Challenges
The goal was to bring new experience to customers of Lott by connecting the wide open space of complex mall, in which a number of brands and images are in conflict, with one story. The space was planned to expand where fills up the weekends of families to where creates the culture of stories by design.
Production Technology
The form of the structure was built basically with plywood, and colors and texture were expressed by painting and printing. FRP(fiber reinforced plastic) was manufactured by 3 dimensional modeling of graphics for cubic expression of characters. A steel framework was used to strengthen the durability of where children sit or stand on with partial fabric finishing.
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