White Futura (Cinema) by Alexander Wong
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Initially, the design was inspired by the iconic flower and symbol of Shanghai, the White Magnolia. Replicating the delicately curved petals of the flower, giant white sculptures hang from the ceiling, abstracted, deconstructed and then morphed into an exploded spacecraft. This key design element then posits the question: “What is Natural versus what is Artificial?”.
“White Futura” is the second cinema in Shanghai alone designed by us for China Film Cinema City. This unique Cinema embodies a series of mind-blowing & complex concepts involving the Nature of our Universe (or Multiverse), it’s all about curves, exploded as well as folded elements, all giant in size. Moreover we were inventing distorted spheres and bubble-like spatial caverns (or negative entities) constantly in tension, creating a dynamic space that is taut with drama and powerfully futuristic.
Design Challenges
Wheras for “White Futura”, the biggest challenge was a structural one as we had to hang a Giant “White Magnolia” sculpture at the top of Lobby Magnolia. Hanging this sculpture, its size that of a large exploded helicopter no less, involved discussing in detail with the Contractor regarding its structural balance and poise.
Production Technology
Fibreglass was the material adopted for making these exploded giant white magnolias at the cinema’s entrance lobby. In addition, white marble, Corian, golden metal, white crystal glass, stainless steel and clear mirror were also critically applied throughout the spaces. The Design Team decided to work exclusively with pure materials devoid of textures or patterns to heighten the impact of the design as an “Abstracted Design Concept”.
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