Bed of Roses (Womens Wear Collection) by Kelly Ng
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Winner
Inspired by 40s fashion and the idiom Bed of Roses.In contrast to avant-garde style and oversized silhoutte of the 20th century, 40s fashions were all about the hour glass figure. The Designer believed that a real woman didn't need to prove her ability by wearing masculine style clothes to compete with men. Instead, the Designer chose to embrace the 40s feminine silhouette, liberating women from thick shoulder pads and hourglass frame, by adding modern taste and comfort to her design.
This collection consists of 15 looks in total, 3 couture dresses and 12 practical ready to wear. Each look involves different couture techniques. Materials are 3D rosette embroidered mesh, wool, organza, felt, silk and Swarovski. The Designer has been selected as one of 24 fashion designers in the world by Swarovski company to accept a sponsorship to produce 2 Swarovski garments. The dress and accessories in 1st,2nd and 4th photo consists of millions of Swarovskis in different colors and sizes.
Design Challenges
Designer tried to push the use of each material to the maximum, while offering comfort and function to the wearer. Aside from using the 3D rosette mesh to offer the lightness, the Designer also embroidered 3D rosette on wool by using transparent fishing thread to make roses appear like blooming. Countless hours have been spent to apply millions of Swarovski crystals to the dress 1 and 2. In photo 5, wool is felted through silk chiffon with 26 white felted roses dangling on the ends. All knitwear in the video consisted of multiple types of couture hand knitting techniques to create convex patterns which cannot be done by computer knitting.
Production Technology
couture tailoring technique, couture hand knitting skills (convex patterns in black and light cream colors, some blended with satin ribbon), 3D rosette embroidery done by transparent fishing thread, nuno felted silk techniques, 3D felt roses, millions of swarovski hotfix, 1mm organza hem sewing technique
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