Recrystallization (Movie Theater) by yang wang
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Firstly, we took mountains into our consideration as the local physical geography features mountainous and rugged terrain. In order to stir visitors, physical and mental enjoyment of the mountains, the features of mountains, being rolling, lofty, amazing and rugged, are adopted to give an eyes feast to visitors by means of deconstructuralism.There are many natural karst caves, natural formed crystal. The round stalactite and natural crystals are combined together to amaze film goers.
Every model looks like being intersected. Though there are more than 3000 punched metal plate in the hall, big or small, no one is equal to another in size, and they are unified together as a whole perfectly. Overlooked by the indistinctive sculptures, one cannot wait but approach the hyper-modern statues. (The sculptures on exhibition are created by Xavier Veilhan, a French artist) LED movie screen plays the latest trailers, making movie goers back to the real physical world.
Design Challenges
yang wang did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Recrystallization Movie Theater.
Production Technology
Large quantities of perforated-plate and golden electrogalvanized stainless steel are welded to a basic framework. More than 3000 triangle metal panels in different size and shape are used in the constructing of the public space, without two identical panels. The floor here is tilted with natural stones which feature black and back natural stripes. The similarity between stone natures and starry sky excites the feeling of being standing on the bright starry sky. Such design offers the opportunity to experiencing inversion of heaven and the earth. Squares in 600 mm are seamlessly connected to form larger sized triangles. The neighboring triangles are separated from each other, guaranteeing their stable size and saving materials. The models designed in the video hall are made from polyester acoustic board and the floor is covered by the carpet whose pattern is designed by us, thus meeting our needs to the largest extent.
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