Villafound Jade Hotel Lijiang (Lodge) by Jianping Nie
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Yuhu Village, also called WuLuKen in Naxi Language, it is on the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, about 10 kilometers from downtown Lijiang. Villafound Jade Hotel Lijiang is right close to the so-called rock village where the houses were made of a unique stone called monkey head by Naxi people. The stone is comprised of a substance between stone and mud. With the reflection of the stone on the snow mountain, houses made of monkey head look even more natural and beautiful.
Villafound Jade is composed of 13 detached villas, including a folk custom museum, a restaurant with tea bar, and the rest is lodging areas. In term of architecture intervention, the architect applied Naxi residence elements largely and maintained the rustic beauty of Naxi traditional dwellings, meanwhile, modern design method was used to meet the demand of living comfort for contemporary people, purposing to create a perfect and balanced luxury retreat.
Design Challenges
The lodging area of this hotel is renovated from old civic residences. The biggest challenge is how to connect them by design without drawing any damage to the existing buildings. Secondly, the interior floor can not be polished because of floor heating system. So the architect managed to use epoxy resin instead of concrete flooring.
Production Technology
Architecture, steel reinforced concrete, rooftop tiles, five-flower stone stacked sectioning finishes, grey tiles, glass curtain walls, yellow mud coating finishes of exterior walls, pine. Interior, pine wood boards, wax oil. Yellow mud, old boat boards.
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