Lofoten Water (Natural Drinking Water) by Peder A. Skeistrand
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design Award Winner
The Lofoten Islands: Pure - Arctic - Majestic. The inspiration to the product is LOFOTEN. The Lofoten islands are located between the 68th and 69th parallels, north of the Arctic Circle. The archipelago builds a high wall of mountains and cliffs, creating a dreamlike landscape of rugged mountain peaks rising directly from the sea. Famous for their natural beauty, fresh air, pure water, untouched nature, and breathtaking mountain landscapes contrasting with deep fjords, sheltered inlets and stretches of virgin seashore, the land of the Northern Lights and the midnight sun is stunningly beautiful. Imagine green northern lights dancing in the clear night sky over icy mountain peaks, or a winter sunrise where the sun is illuminating the mountains, giving them an incredible pink glow. Imagine an intense clear blue sky with rose-coloured clouds above emerald green water or frozen lakes. Visualise turquoise autumn waves rolling in over white sand beaches and dark dramatic clouds looming over the horizon, heralding a storm. Close your eyes and picture a place where the summer sun never sets, where flower fields glimmer in the light from the low midnight sun and purple evening skies reflect in mirror-calm lakes. The light and nature in Lofoten island is magical, like being in another world. In Lofoten one can still drink pure, unpolluted fresh water directly from mountain lakes like those living there thousands of years ago once did. The LOFOTEN WATER product is designed to capture the beauty of LOFOTEN.
The Lofoten Water is unique and stands out from other Super Premium Bottled Waters as its the only water in the world that collects its water in the mountains on the ground demonstrating that is still exists places on earth with such pure water as Lofoten Water has. Lofoten Water is unprocessed, natural drinking water, one of the purest waters in the world. Lofoten Water reflects the beautiful and unique Lofoten Islands with its unspoilt landscape of rugged mountain peaks, deep fjords and sheltered inlets. To capture and articulate the purity and premium character of Lofoten Water required a structural design and graphic expression of both prominence and nuance. This was achieved in the juxtaposition of a bottle that moves from a slender body of horisontal lines to delicate shoulders, alongside the contrasting angles of a cap inspired by the mountain peaks of Lofoten. Lofoten Water has won the "Best Tasting Water 2016 Award" by Zenith International, in Prague competing amongs 25 other countries.
Design Challenges
The main challenge of the project was to design a product that captured and reflected Lofoten and the majestic landscape and pure environment. The second challenge was to design and capture the rugged mountains and make a cap that reflected it. This was a time demanding process with many obstacles on the way to the final result.
Production Technology
Materiality and visual identity are weaved together. The clear super flint glass bottle speaks of an untainted arctic environment, enhanced by the absence of graphic flourishes, yet emphasised by the engraved lettering at its base. The dark blue cap made captures the deep blue of Arctic skies while brand identity, in colour, form, type and typesetting, expresses a northerly provenance, an icy cool climate and high-quality.
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