Cloudy Tea (Tea Packaging) by Shaobin Lin
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
This product is positioned as collective and commemorative products by RuanYuanchang tea. We hope that the packaging design should have distinctive visual effect and traditional Chinese features to realize a sense of ritual when it is opened. Therefore we think about that whether there is a similar reflective way in the traditional Chinese etiquette,which has different packaging from other teas. Finally we found inspiration in the ancient calligraphy and painting scroll.
Combined with the packaging of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting scroll,the design involves the inspiration of scroll into the tea tube and tea bag,which has different features from other designs.The advantages of this design is that people will have a sense of ritual when they opened the package.After opening the knot,it unfolds a picture of Chinese landscape painting which is composed of the roots of a tree,leaves of tea and flower of tea.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of this design was how to express connotation of Chinese traditional elements and cultural status through the packaging.And can not show with noble material,because it also reflects the environmental protection,Chinese moderation humanistic spirit,rustic and elegant of tea itself.
Production Technology
The material of packing is mainly environment friendly and renewable kraft papers,which combined with twine,to realize the sales of limited edition.Therefore,it has limited quantities and low costs but to require to reflect the simplicity and elegance of the tea.It needs to provide people with illustration full of stories and temperatures of manual packaging.
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