Sydney Ugg (Ecommerce Website) by Jeff Ginsburg
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Website and Web Design Award Winner
The aim of the website was to create a modern platform where purchasing ugg boots could be an enjoyable and easy process while at the same time position the brand as an experienced, industry leader. We achieved this by utilising modern fonts, icons, colours and premium product photography in combination with references to the Sydney lifestyle, animated features and interactive functions to give the site an overall sleek look and feel - representative of a switched on, authentic Sydney company.
The Sydney Ugg Co. website is designed to appeal to a premium local market, and the international tourist looking for authentic Australian Ugg Boots. To stand out in an already oversaturated market, full of fake product we focused on creating a modern design, while also streamlining the shopping experience through a custom one page checkout and features such as, allowing a user to switch between categories from within the product page, filter their search, create a profile and easily understand the height difference between products - the distinguishing and often difficult feature to determine when purchasing new boots.
Design Challenges
There is a trademarking law around using the word 'ugg' internationally. To overcome this challenge and still position Sydney Ugg as an authentic ugg boot company we designed a partner logo called 'Sydney Boot Co.' and explained that when international shipping methods are selected the product will be branded using the partner logo. This is explained in a clear and concise manner on both the 'about' page and during the checkout - only when international shipping is selected.
Production Technology
The website was built using the platform Laravel
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