Tre (Modular Concrete Tile Series) by David Robak
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Award Winner
Tre’s magnetic visual appeal is the result of precisely rendered angular contours that harness the beauty of symmetry, as well as the dynamic interplay of depth, light and shadow, and the energetic movement of geometric flow. Tre enables one to envision and create endless pattern combinations from the simplest minimalist applications to the most elaborate kaleidoscopic masterpieces.
Tre’s design concept is an invitation to imagine, play and create. Each tile in the series works as well independently as it does in multi-tile combinations, and maintains its signature visual appeal even in randomised configurations. With 4 distinct surfaces, 2 levels of thickness, 9 compatible Trelements, 24 colours and different finishes, Tre offers designers and architects the ability to create intriguing and visually stunning, truly unique surfaces.
Design Challenges
The main issue was to implement the visuality to a concrete tile design that can be manufactured and produced. After its success as a mosaic wall, the elements had to be changed in size and diversity to fit the needs of a truly exceptional fine concrete wall tile series. It had to be able to fit to every possible wall, leaving the possibility to designers and architects to make it their own surface designing tool.
Production Technology
Tre is manufactured by KAZA Concrete: an innovation focused fine-concrete manufacture company. Their unique moulding and manufacturing technology makes possible the production of precise, smooth 3D shaped fine-concrete tiles.
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