Memento (Letter Opener) by Bryan Leung
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Award Winner
All start with thankful. My dad brings me up very hard. I want to express my gratitude to him and his occupation. Then I realize there has many similar emotions around the world. And keep remember their work.
A series of letter openers that reflects occupations: Memento is not just a set of tools but also a series of objects that expresses the user’s gratitude and feelings. Through product semantics and simple images of different professions, the designs and the unique ways each Memento piece is used give the user various heartfelt experiences. process. Each one all have different open way. From how it looks to how you use, all can give you deep touching. They are not only a kind of tool, but a set of symbolic keepsake. It connects the image and experience of occupation.
Design Challenges
Let the public connect each letter opener with the occupations they represent and balance abstract and concrete. Transfer the work experience to using process.
Production Technology
Letter Opener: Silver: Stainless-Steel, Gold: Stainless-Steel plating Rest: aluminum, silicon Case: Taiwan cypress
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