Ageloc Me (Customized Skin Care System) by Nu Skin Enterprises
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Winner
Inspired by more than 35 years of anti-aging science, Nu Skin developed the idea for ageLOC Me when the company noticed three important and converging trends: the increase in popularity and usage of anti-aging products; a new trend toward product customization; and the inception and growth of the beauty devices industry. Additionally, the advent of apps and smartphone technology has helped facilitate the customized regimen selection and product usage.
ageLOC Me combines Nu Skin’s most advanced anti-aging skin care formulas with a smart delivery device for a personalized daily skin care regimen. An app-based assessment accounts for skin care needs, environmental factors and personal preferences to determine a specific set of products from almost 2,000 combinations. The smart device weaves multiple serums together in microlayers before application, which has been shown to provide more even distribution and better absorption than mixing by hand.
Design Challenges
ageLOC Me is a unique smart device that combines groundbreaking technologies in a way they have never been used before to deliver a customer experience never before provided. This pushed the boundaries of the technology being used and combined different components to work together. Extensive collaboration and testing among Nu Skin and its partners led to the successful development of the final design.
Production Technology
Nu Skin worked with global leaders in engineering, design, manufacturing and packaging to bring together new technologies in a unique way. This included developing a device small enough to sit non-intrusively on a vanity that is able to weave multiple serums together in microlayers for greater efficacy and dispense them upside down without dripping. This smart device knows the precise amount and combination of products to dispense morning and night, helping users maintain their daily regimen.
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