Topology (Illustration) by Huang Zi Leong
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Topology was inspired by the various travels that the artist, Huang Zi has taken. When we travel to other places, we open our eyes to the every detail that takes place in these various landscapes. We explore and discover new worlds where people has made their homes. The series is a collection of these landscapes in faraway places. A diary of sorts that help us make sense of where we are, and who we have met in our many journeys. This is the challenge that Huang Zi has taken up upon himself.
Because on every inch of every terrain, there is life. Places that we would love to go to, places that can only exist in our imaginations. Places that we call home. Topology is an ongoing series of black & white hand sketches that explores the imaginative topography of various landscapes and our relationships with them. The project aims to establish an ever going expansion of artworks in an online gallery format.
Design Challenges
The artwork in Topology may be a reference to real or imagined landscapes. For example, artists may contribute sketches of a streetscape of their actual neighbourhoods. Other times, they can reimagine these neighbourhoods in abstract form.
Production Technology
The sketches were compiled from the diaries and sketchbooks of the artist and digitally converted for an online gallery display format.
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