Reflexio (Typography Project) by Ramon Carreté
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
With an obvious ludic intention, this project carries out a typographic investigation to return to the paper what it gave to pixel. In other words, to simulate pixel with paper when we are used to do it the other way round. A personal perspective on the change of era that there has been in the construction of fonts and an invitation to reflect on how to generate images with typography.
Experimental typographic project that combines the reflection on a mirror with paper letters cut by one of its axes. It results in modular compositions that once photographed suggest 3D images. The project uses magic and visual contradiction to transit from digital language to analog world. Construction of letters on a mirror creates new realities with reflection, which are neither truth nor falsehood.
Design Challenges
In letter architecture, the designer must face the delicate task of retouching each character to correct optical illusions. The non-observance of these adjustments shows poor readability that, although not critically, affects the flow of reading. This is the starting point for Reflexio: to observe the behaviour of a letter challenging one of the basic rules of typography construction. This project has promoted the exchange of knowledge and experiences between design students and professionals.
Production Technology
Paper, mirror, paper cement and camera
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