Spyker (Trivet) by Prompong Hakk
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
Paying homage to the propeller designs of vintage airplanes the Spyker trivet combines classic lines with contemporary materials. The stainless steel ring adds a subtle touch of class to the overall colorful design and comfortably fits into both modern and traditional homes.
Spyker is a practical and beautiful trivet inspired by its namesake propeller machine. The functional design features a fingertip duct which allows you to quickly open the trivet and locks with a securing bump feedback. The closed design is sleek and easily stored away in your organizer or showcased on your tabletop.
Design Challenges
The creative challenge was the integration of the small mechanical locking feature and the feeling when the trivet unfolded and snapped into position. This mechanism was vital for the interaction between user and product and required reliability for prolonged use. We were also facing the conundrum of the usability of the product itself. From personal and observational insight trivets aren’t always used for serving. We found trivets standing in as laptop stands as well as vase coasters. Ultimately we aimed to create a Design which would speak to non-traditional users and inspire other creative usages.
Production Technology
The structural parts of Spyker are made from reinforced Nylon and covered with food grade Silicone for instant heat absorption and protective anti slipping on table tops. The central highlight is made from Stainless Steel with spun brushed finish.
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