Waterfront Lilac (Club) by Yi Chen
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Oriental charms embraced by elegance, subtleness, serenity and tranquility are delivered by designers Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang; the figuration, aesthetic form and spiritual conception of oriental style are reinterpreted by these two designers and infused them into creation. They constructed an artful and self-fulfilled space design work, it all along bear oriental spiritual pursuit of “show high ideals by simple living; Non-quiet without causing much”, and also corresponds to Chinese traditional aesthetics of “Unification between human beings and Nature”. By using contemporary design language to accomplish Chinese traditional culture and annotate designers` unique but irreplaceable belief of “Zen”, each visional element, delicately arranged by the designers, are expressing its spirituality and poetics to satisfy our longing needs for beauty. This project is a exploration for symbolization, deconstructed and recombined Chinese traditional architectural bracket system (Dou Gong), to show a newer design pattern. Designers adopted creative modes from Chinese landscape painting theory, such as splashing, panorama, livable landscape. With abstract white lilac; visual elements are being boldly applied to the design, having lilac blooming in the towering central void providing a new visual image with aesthetic significance. The visual impacts together with oriental artistic features allow the natural elements in the space to be more harmonious and gentle which are different from the traditional oriental style.
“Coe which apply traditional essence of eastern culture but also develop and promotes eastern living philosophy and modern design spirit with natural harmony between people and living spaces which are inheritance and even more sublimation. To accomplish the artistic conception, the designers deconstructed and recombined Chinese traditional architectural bracket system(Dou Gong). Wooden truss elaborated all over the space became a unified model element; its special form constructed a special layout, ground or placid, towering or extensive, they gave the space its own rhythm. Pure and focused mind is what the designer made efforts to achieve for space design. They want people inside can truly feel its space, dimension, material and color, even the spirit. Whatsoever makes the design distinctive.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge is to make modern-oriental interior coexist with American style architect. How to balance east and west, inside and outside is the most difficult part. Designers tried to resolve it by looking for similarities in scale, figure, material and color. Removing excessive moldings, they used Chinese wooden grilling in the ceiling to match with gabled roof outside. For material and color, natural wood used in interior design was perfectly matched with red bricks outside. To unify architect with interior is the biggest challenge for this project, and also the expression from the designers that how much they respect the originals.
Production Technology
Cedarwood,Corbel bracke,Stone,Flax lamp
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