Lenovo Horizon 2 27 (Table Pc) by Johnson Li
2014 - 2015, Platinum A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
In the new post-PC era, computers are not only a simple personal tool for work anymore, it has become an interaction media center to bring family members together. With the innovative Aura OS in table mode, family members can play games or enjoy multimedia information together on one screen from different angles via touch control anywhere in the home using the integrated battery. When placing a NFC paired smartphone on top of Horizon’s screen, media contents from the phone can wirelessly ‘drop’ onto Aura interface for interactive viewing, online sharing and editing Horizon 2 comes with specially designed accessories, such as electronic dice, mallets and joystick for a new hardware / software fusion gaming experience. Horizon 2 has transformed personal computers into an intelligent multi-person interaction experience that far exceeds any traditional PC.
Lenovo Horizon 2 is a multi-person and multi-scenario table PC. It is slim at 19 mm thick, with a 27” 2K touch screen. Horizon can achieve step-less flat to 75°screen angle adjustment easily with one hand. When laid flat, Horizon 2 will automatically switch from Windows 8 to Lenovo’s Aura OS, transforming a powerful All-in-One PC into an interactive table PC for multi-people touch interaction from all 4 sides. At 75°, it is the most ergonomic angle for desktop use.
Design Challenges
To achieve flexible usage scenarios within the home, the body is made from a single piece of aluminum using precision CNC process. By using one single piece of material, we were able to create a large 27” structural shell that is lightweight (7kg) and strong at the same time, a first in the industry.
Production Technology
Anti-glare glass touchscreen. Aluminum uni-body.
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