Ice Krakow (Concert and Congress Centre) by Ingarden & Ewý Architects Ltd
2014 - 2015, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
ICE Krakow project was the winning entry in competition for the design of a Krakow City congress centre. The building expresses the architects' vision of the contemporary design in the context of historical Centre. Besides the accurately designed functional and technological planes, the architects included in the project the dream of developing free and open spaces, defined by curved lines and surfaces, with unconventional flows and divisions, fluently forming the interior and the external form.
ICE is a top-class venue dedicated to culture: music, theatre, and congress, designed at the highest standards of acoustics and mechanics. Besides the three main halls with 1915, 600, and 300 seats, it holds a multifunctional conference space. ICE stands in the most prestigious location in Poland: opposite Wawel Royal Castle, which influenced the key design decisions of a spectacular glass facade, multi-storey foyer and fantastic staircase all offering panoramic views of historic Krakow.
Design Challenges
The project of the ICE Krakow was a highly difficult task for several reasons. First of all, due to its composite function, as a space for cultural events and international conferences, it required complex technological designs and intricate acoustic solutions. Moreover, this modern building had to respond to a unique urban context: it was erected opposite Wawel Castle, near historic Krakow. Further challenges included the small plot, limited budget, and short deadlines for the realization.
Production Technology
The heart of the ICE Krakow is Auditorium, which, due to the wide range of events hosted, is a semi-vineyard type hall permiting the optimal functionality and acoustics for all purposes. This construction is based in the division of the auditorium into terraced blocks, and balconies, whose walls become sound reflecting surfaces. The hall equipped with adjustable acoustic system is an ideal combination of purity and volume of sound, reverberation and for conference purposes, clarity of voice.
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