The Zephyr (Multifunctional Bike Storage Bollard) by Barrier Group
2014 - 2015, Platinum A' Street Furniture Design Award Winner
As the world steadily becomes a more urban environment, with people seeking recreation outdoors in public spaces, the deployment of street furniture of high design values will be of vital importance to our quality of life. Zephyr architectural form is designed to be a sculptural element. Zephyr is an alternative, sophisticated and functional solution to the standard "just a bent piece of pipe" bike parking facility.
ZEPHYR is a stunning short or long term bicycle storage. Incorporate it into a cutting edge architectural setting and it becomes a sculptured bollard. It is a gathering point, a place to stop, to chat, to bide a while with friends. Or then again, is it simply a beautiful piece of public sculpture, one that invites you to run your hands over its sumptuous metallic form, its smooth and generous curves? Zephyr's one-piece casting can be 100 percent recycled and remelted at its end of life.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to design a multifunctional piece of street furniture with a strong sculptural form. From its earliest concepts, the creative challenge to provide an alternative, sophisticated and functional solution to the standard 'just a bent piece of pipe' bike parking facility. We wanted a product that while being capable of being manufactured in mass, still had the look and feel of a 'one-of' bespoke piece of sculpture.
Production Technology
The brief is to design a bike rack that is more than' just a bent piece of pipe'. Located in a seaside city, the design team took inspiration from natural surroundings. The technical challenges faced throughout the design stage were to marry a very complex one-piece casting to technologies and expertise available locally in Australia. Zephyr's one-piece aluminium casting can be 100% recycled and remelted at its end of life.
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