Sata | Bia-Blue Islands açor (Brand Identity) by SATA Internacional, S.A. Design by ivity
2013 - 2014, Platinum A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
BIA - Blue Islands Açor. This is the new symbol of SATA. A symbol of the Atlantic sky, a pilot of nature, a bird of the world that makes our ambitions fly higher. The imaginary Açor like no other. (Açor, in portuguese, is the bird that named the archipelago - Açores/Azores). SATA is the most important commercial brand in the Portuguese Atlantic. Its history should not remain static, but instead be supplemented by a new dimension that maintains the visionary spirit that gave rise to it. We are faced with an opportunity to position SATA as the airline that has the best understanding of the Atlantic soul of the Portuguese people. Flying since 1947, the new SATA brand expresses a supra-Azorean challenge.
The new SATA symbol represents the nine islands of the Azores, united in a single Atlantic challenge. 9 pieces, 9 islands. Positioning statement: The Atlantic and You. A new positioning that expands its Atlantic vocation and a closer relationship to the passenger.
Design Challenges
SATA was born from the Atlantic dream of a man and his love for the islands. It was founded in 1941 with the goal of creating an airline connection among the islands of the Azores and between the Azores and mainland Portugal. Its first flight, that of the Açor, was made in 1947. SATA´s identity is deeply rooted in the Azorean soul. It is committed to fighting against the isolation of the archipelago. SATA brings the world to the Azores and takes the Azores to the world. In its over 67 years of existence, it has established itself as a brand of the modern-day Azorean economy and identity. The result of a successful trajectory, SATA now flies to 50 destinations in addition to the Azores: Portugal mainland, Madeira, Europe, the African Coast, and North America. Along its pathway of national and international affirmation that is much greater than its initial aims, a number of challenges and opportunities have appeared which advocate a change in the SATA brand.
Production Technology
Color: The Atlantic Azures. Seen from space, the Atlantic has the shape of a large S which could be from SATA. And our new colors are the Atlantic azures of this huge "sea on our doorstep", which embraces a fifth of the Earth´s total surface. There are 3 colors in the new SATA symbol: Deep blue, Ocean blue and Sky blue (648/640/637 Pantones). The new "Atlantic azure" colors enables a new paint scheme for optimum impact and greater longevity.
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