Eye of Ra' (Public Urban Art Furniture) by Dalia Sadany
2013 - 2014, Platinum A' Street Furniture Design Award Winner
The design is inspired from one of the most known symbols of all time the Eye of Ra also known as the eye of Horus. The conceptual design gives a fluid and futuristic interpretation of the iconic symbol manifested in monumental public urban furniture. The urban furniture depicts the shape of the Eye in a graceful design. The icon that once invoked in religious ritual and symbolism as an agent of protection, royal power and good health was meticulously envisioned into our modern world as an alluring as well as functional landmark.
Eye of Ra public benches is an expression synthesis between history and modernity. The project design shows that creativity can make the two epochs fuse in an elegant manner. It is a modish accent to any space since it is not only a usable durable piece of street furniture but also an iconic resemblance of a historically known symbol .It is designed in a fluid futuristic style transforming it to a sculptured work of art.
Design Challenges
The imposing constraint and challenge in that piece was the strong iconic character of history 'see it all' eye and the worry to instate its distinctive look. This is usually the case when translating an iconic symbol into a functional piece. The idea was to keep the shape in its original form while turning it into a practical and artistic public furniture. The fluid forms as much as they seem flexible to manipulate usually have a character of their own that deviates regular restricted symbols. The ruthless ordeal was blending the source and the means into a coherent work. Further research involved the manufacturing of a steel mold to appraise the size, practicability and comfort of the piece.
Production Technology
Two materials are proposed to maximize choices and possibilities. The first is Corian, which is widely used outdoors as its state or color will not be affected by variant weather conditions. Also its durability and its rugged characteristics of stone make it ideal choice for this street furniture. The second is Resin Polyethylene which a tough and very resistant material. It has a strong wear and tear record. Resin Polyethylene will give the benches its feminine curves and uplift its appeal, accentuating the sleek smooth finish. The main reason for this choice will have to be its characteristics to emanate light. The light will take the furniture into a different dimension at night. That is why there is the option of having inbuilt light when opting for the resin polyethylene material.
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