Smartstreets-Smartbin™ (Cigarette/Gum Bin) by Chris Garcin and Andrew Farish Smartstreets Ltd
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Social Design Award Winner
Cigarette and gum litter is the world's biggest litter problem accounting for over 50% of litter discarded every year worldwide. Over 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are thrown onto pavements, into gutters, finding their way into water courses, leaking toxins, harming wildlife and causing fires. Cigarette and gum litter blights the urban landscape, is expensive to clean up and impacts on residents quality of life, on commerce and tourism. It required a new approach that would encourage and empower citizens to dispose of this waste considerately. This design enables public services to instal convenient, easy to find disposal facilities within reach of everyone on the street scene so that cigarette litter and gum can be placed in bins rather than left on pavements. The Smartbincan be installed everywhere without adding clutter to the street scene and is changing the way cities respond to this difficult, costly and damaging environmental problem.
A multiple patented litter bin design with unique capabilities. The Smartbin is designed to complement existing street furniture by mounting two contoured bins back to back around any size or shape of lamp post or sign post (as well as mounting as a solo bin onto walls, plinths or railings) to release new value from existing infrastructure by creating networks of predictably located cigarette and gum litter bins. Case studies from Cities around the world have proven that Smartbins unique approach can transform local environment quality in urban areas, making street care more people centric, cost efficient and sustainable.
Design Challenges
The design challenge was considerable as there are hundreds of different lamp post, sign post, bollard, wall and railing specifications around the world. Smartstreets had to create one design that would suit contemporary or traditional infrastructure, a design that would engage users without over powering the street aesthetic. Through a unique fixing system which used different, tailor made fixing plates in different positions within the units, plus the occasional use of side plates for larger columns, Smartstreets have created a versatile design that can be used anywhere for a smart, consistent, regularly spaced disposal facility. Smartstreets have developed signage to accompany the bins, pavement graphics and can laser etch client logos on the badge plates to give ownership to the equipment. A wide range of accessories makes this bin design work in any setting - inside or outside - and the unit features a removable, stainless two part liner whose front plate can be interchanged for different looks, closing plates and other functions.
Production Technology
The design had to be durable and sustainable. It is made from recycled aluminium, which is gravity die cast, treated for corrosion resistance and then powder coated to whatever colour is required. All other parts are stainless steel for longevity and robustness. The design is fully refurbishable and recyclable and brandable.
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