Cookoo (Connected Watch) by CONNECTEDEVICE Ltd
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
With smart devices now being the gateway to the ever growing professional and personal information flows, the team was in search of a device that would help us navigate the increasingly connected world. We were looking in the market hoping to get something that would help de-clutter and simplify our digital life and look groovy at the same time. But we couldn’t find anything that quite met our needs. After some initial research, we realized the answer lay in a watch. A real watch that is capable of 2-way communication with smartphones, stays connected in the digital world, and incorporates all those aforementioned features. At that time technology was not ready to support the concept. But when Bluetooth Smart came on scene, we knew we got the necessary technology to start working on a connected watch. A new round of market research and SWOT analysis thus ensued.
World’s first designer watch that combines an analog movement with a digital display to enable you to stay on top of your connected life. Icons display only those notifications you wish to receive, anywhere, anytime, even when the phone is out of reach. Underneath the fashion statement timepiece lies the soul & spirit of COOKOO in an App. e.g. press a customizable COMMAND button, you can remotely trigger the camera, remote control music playback, one-button Facebook check-in etc. There’re App updates for enhanced user experience (SMS,Email alerts and filter feature, etc. coming soon)
Design Challenges
One challenge we faced was to put both the analog movement and digital display within a watch and to have it look like a fashion statement rather than a gadget. We came up with the idea of placing two replaceable standard cell-button batteries inside the watch. So unlike other connected watches, we don’t need to worry about the charger and regular recharging as the case with most smart devices. Another challenge is to create an architecture in the watch to allow third party software developers to create their own apps for future user experience enhancement.
Production Technology
To create a seamless user experience, 3 technologies must work together: watch platform, Bluetooth Low Energy connected system, & mobile app running on one of the available mobile OS platforms. As each mobile OS platform is unique, it requires different expertise to tackle the various opportunities, limitations & challenges; so we partnered with key experts in their respective technology fields, such as iOS app developers, Android apps developers, firmware engineers familiar with the technology platforms that they were using, talented ID designer, & a watch manufacturer.
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