Alicia Rius Photography (Business Card) by Arnau Bosch Verges
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Business cards usually get lost or end up in a trash. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to create a business card that people would like to keep and even show to others.
It's a business card that reflects, in any single aspect, the pureness of the photography. People understand what Alicia does without even reading the text.
Design Challenges
The hardest part was to do something different that had never been done before and wouldn't leave anyone indifferent. Once I had the idea, the production was the next challenge. Alicia put the design in Photoshop and converted the living room in a dark room. Since the letters of the design are a bit blurred on purpose, it was a bit difficult to know when the design was in focus with the analog camera. On top of that, being in the dark it was hard to know if the frame was centered and we had to wait to develop the first roll to see the results. We did some tests until it was perfect.
Production Technology
Materials: -Analog camera -Tripod -Positive roll -Design of the business cards made in Photoshop (2 versions) Production: -Open the design in Photoshop in the computer -Shoot the computer screen in the dark with the analog camera -Develop the film -Cut the film -Place the film in coloured plastic frames (the plastic frames where originally grey and we decided to give them some color to make them more playful).
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